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After the success of the Explorer Belt Expedition to Estonia in 2018, we are now launching the next one for 3rd - 18th July 2021.

The Explorer Belt is one of the Top 5 Awards in Scouting and is open to both older Explorer's and Network members.

Where to? Well, thats the fun of the Explorer Belt, as the team members are the ones that decide which European Country we get to go to.

What is the Explorer Belt about? It is all about exploring and learning about another Country. The expedition includes a 10 day journey where the teams explore on their own, meeting and talking to local people, completing 10 minor challenges and a major project.

Who is it open to? You need to be born between 4th July 1995 and 5th July 2005. So this will be older Explorer / Young Leaders and Network members.

Which District can we be from? Anywhere in Hampshire - all 27 Districts!

What is the cost? It is difficult to know when we don't know the Country, so we are trying to keep it as low as possible, between £600 and £950.

How Many Spaces? 24 Spaces, on a first come first served basis (subject to reference checks). Applications will close when it is full, or 30th August 2020.

Covid 19 Issues? We are planning this expedition in anticipation that there will be a return in 2021 to camping and International expeditions (at "Green" level on the Return to Scouting framework). There will be a major checkpoint in March 21 for a Go / No Go decision.

Want to know more?

Video from 2018 : youtu.be/t3LfKH1OlPY

Link to HQ requirements : members.scouts.org.uk/explorerbelt
Please note : Max Age has temporarily been increased from 25th Birthday to 26th Birthday.

Explorer Belt 2021 Questions and Answers:

Explorer Belt 2021 Application Form:

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