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Want to get your unit started on their Duke of Edinburgh’s and Scouting Top Awards?

The DofE’s training framework has a range of modules to suit everyone supporting the award. These modules will also include information about the links to the Chief Scout and Queen’s Scout Award.

To begin, a simple e-learning induction module should be completed online by anyone supporting DofE.

Introduction to the DofE Course

This one-day is highly recommended for all adults supporting the DofE who'd like to expand their knowledge and understanding.

It covers the mission and principles of the DofE, as well as providing an excellent overview of the award’s levels, sections and timescales. Before you take part, you'll be asked to complete the e-induction.

Date: Sat 06/02/2020 2-5pm - book online

Expedition Supervisors Training Course

This one-day course is highly recommended for anyone who supervises DofE expeditions. It’s designed to help you understand your role and tasks, manage risk and provide the best quality experience for all young people.

Date: Sun 21/02/2021 & 28/02/2021 7-10pm - Book online

Expedition Assessor Accreditation Scheme

The aim of this one-day course is to prepare, train and accredit Expedition Assessors to understand the role.

To be an Expedition Assessor you need to have sufficient technical competence in at least one type of expedition, such as walking, horse riding, cycling, or canoeing.

You'll need to complete some online learning before you attend. Once you are approved you'll receive a certificate and an ID card with your assessor number.

Date: Sun 07/02/2021 7-10pm - Book online

Any questions? Please email Mike Baxter: [email protected]

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