Something to aim for: the Top Awards.

18th June 2020
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Scout Network is all about our 18 to 25 year old members becoming the best person they can be. Whether they are full time network members, part of a leadership team or helping out once a year while they’re at university, we want them to aim high. The Top Awards can help them do just this.

While all of them require dedication and time, each is slightly different with a focus. Even better there is lots of support from the Scouts and our own Top Awards team to help our young people meet the challenge.

Foreign adventure – the Explorer Belt

Craving for an international adventure in a new country? The Explorer Belt is right up your street. Take a trek through a country unknown to everyone in your group as you take on one big challenge and ten small challenges. It’s about immersing yourself in the culture, understanding other people in the world over a fun packed 10 days. With forward planning, financing and logistics, it’s a big skill for life.

Long lasting change – Scouts of the World Award

Make a change that lasts by completing a Scouts of the World project. All of them work towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and have either a theme of peace, environment or sustainable development. It may be an 80 hour project but the impact will last a lot longer.

The rounded individual – DofE Gold and Queen’s Scout Award.

The best known of the top awards is the Queen’s Scout Award. Many of our young people achieve it by also working towards the DofE Gold Award. With challenges to develop physical health, learn a skill, giving back through volunteering and challenging expeditions and residential experiences it’s the full package.

No matter which award their aim for, our Top Awards team is there to help with local mentors across the county. Take the plunge and find out which one to aim for today.

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