Virtual Expedition Training Module A: The Expedition section and your project

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For this module of the Virtual Expedition Training for DofE, Chief Scouts Platinum, Chief Scout's Diamond and Queen's Scout Award we're looking at the basics of the Expedition section and the 20 conditions.

Getting to know the expedition section

If you are new to the DofE awards, watch these short summary videos: Bronze, Silver and Gold

Then, watch this 'Flavour of the Expedition section' video (2 mins) which gives a good overview.

In order to complete the expedition section, you need to meet these 20 conditions - please read them and understand them. (10 mins)

Read this guide to successfully completing your expedition

Planning your project

All expeditions have to have an aim or purpose. You can find some idea to help you in this section.

Read what makes a good project. (3 mins) You can download this ideas list and think about what project you might like to do. You can even have a search on YouTube for projects people have done in the past.

Knowledge Check

Once you're done, complete the Module A knowledge check

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