Virtual Expedition Training Module B: Equipment and Campcraft

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For this module of the Virtual Expedition Training for DofE, Chief Scouts Platinum, Chief Scout's Diamond and Queen's Scout Award we're looking at the kit you'll need and how to set out your campsite.

What will you need?

Read this Expedition Kit guide (10 mins) about what you need and the purpose it serves. Thanks to Wilderness Expeditions.

Watch this video about Packing your Kit (30 mins). Make sure you note down 3 top tips for packing your rucksack. Thanks to the Bohunt Trust. You can find a summary image of packing your rucksack from the DofE.

Download this kit list for your expedition (10 mins). Think about anything you might need to get - please note you can often borrow group kit from you group. 

Pitching your tent

Watch this video about Tents and Campcraft (10 mins) Thanks to Bohunt Trust.

Take a look at this Campsite plan and think about where would you pitch the tent? (5 mins)

Knowledge Check

Once you're done, complete the Module B knowledge check

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