Virtual Expedition Training Module C: Stoves and Cooking

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Image Credit: Ashley Pomeroy, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

For this module of the Virtual Expedition Training for DofE, Chief Scouts Platinum, Chief Scout's Diamond and Queen's Scout Award you will learn about the stoves we use for cooking and how to plan a menu for your expedition.

Using stoves

For most expeditions, the stoves will be provided by your unit and will often be a Trangia stove running on gas - which is one of the most effective and safe stoves to cook on.

Watch this video on how to set up a Gas Trangia stove (this is the preferred fuel). If you know you will be using a Meths Trangia stove watch this video (10 mins)

Read the Stove Safety guidance, which includes other types of stove (5 mins).

Food and cooking

Read this guidance on planning a menu on an expedition (15 mins). Thanks to Wilderness Expeditions.

Once you're done, why not have a go at planning a menu for your expedition? A useful template to plan a menu can be found from the DofE.

Knowledge Check

Once you're done, complete the knowledge check.

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