Virtual Expedition Training Module F: Weather and the Countryside Code

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For this module of the Virtual Expedition Training for DofE, Chief Scouts Platinum, Chief Scout's Diamond and Queen's Scout Award we're looking at some final skills to see you right.


Read this Weather presentation (10 mins) that covers some of the useful Geographical things to know.

It can give you a heads up about the clouds coming your way, whether you need to add more layers of clothes and helping you prepare for the weather you are likely to see in the part of the UK you'll be completing your expedition in.

Optional: The BBC Bitesize learning guides on British weather and climate and Climate, weather and cloud types cover these topics as well which may be helpful if you want a little extra help understanding the topic.

Countryside code

Watch this video on the Countryside code (4 mins). We have a duty to leave the countryside in a good state when we leave, especially as we are very easy to identify as Scouts and DofE participants in general.

Knowledge check

A good summary of the module can be found by reading the Weather and Countryside code handout.

Complete the knowledge check.

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